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Construction plan of the VL 1-10 Engine by Martin Ohrndorf

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Order here the construction plans for your replica of the VL 1-10 Engine!

This patented design is a 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine with 10 ccm, which has no intake and exhaust valve as usual for 4-stroke engines.

Instead, you control the gas exchange via a component in the cylinder head, which is driven from the crankshaft by a toothed belt. Due to the absence of reciprocating masses in the valve train, higher rotational speed is possible. The power of the VL 1-10 can also exceed that of a valve engine.

Advantages of the patented VL 1-10 design

The VL 1-10 has extremely quiet running characteristics. It vibrates less than a valve 4-stroke engine because it doesn’t need many moving parts of the 4-stroke control.

Due to the absence of valves and rocker arms, there is no need to adjust valve clearance. This means that regular checking is also unnecessary. Instead, you adjust the control of the VL 1-10 engine only once for its entire service life!

The cylinder head was inspected by me after several hours of running and there was no visible wear on the control element. On the contrary: The control element has adapted very well due to the rotation in the cylinder head and polished itself to a high gloss.

Technical data of the engine

Bore 24 mm
Stroke 22 mm
Capacity 10 ccm
Weight approx. 480 g
Revolutions approx. 2500-12.000 1/Min.
Performance approx. still in the testing phase
Outer diameter approx. 235 mm
Width approx. 45 mm
Height approx. 106 mm
Length approx. 115 mm

VL 1-10 Engine: Patented design

The design of the VL 1-10 engine is registered as a patent with the German Patent Office under the number 10 2012 015 712.

The engine has already been run for many hours on the test bench and has also been used as a power unit in a model aircraft.

The following list shows how many components are eliminated by my patented design compared to a conventional 4-stroke valve engine.

Conventional 4-stroke valve engine Valveless motor according to Ohrndorf patent
Camshaft, 1 piece (2 pieces) – not applicable –
Camshaft bearings, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Tappet, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Push rods, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Rocker arm, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Rocker arm bearing, 1 piece – not applicable –
Valves, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Setting for valve clearance, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Valve guides, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Valve seats, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Valve spring holder, 2 pieces – not applicable –
Lubrication of the 4-stroke control parts – not applicable –
Control element for 4-stroke process – not applicable –
Tensioner for timing belt, 1 piece – not applicable –
Sealing cap for control element, 1 piece – not applicable –
Gear wheels for 4-stroke process, 2 pieces Toothed belt wheels, 2 pieces and toothed belt, 1 piece
Valve cover aluminium, 1 piece Timing belt cover, 1 piece plastic (PVC)

The production cost for the raw cylinder heads of both systems (without the listed components) is about the same.

Photos of individual parts

Photos of Assemblies


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