Martin Ohrndorf

I have been a model pilot for 45 years, but apart from flying, I have always been equally fascinated by engine construction. I designed and built the first 4-stroke engines, a 1-cylinder and a 5-cylinder radial engine, a good 25 years ago during my training as a cutting machine operator.

Later followed the well-known 14 Cylinder Double Row Engine, the V-12 Engine, a 9 Cylinder Radial Engine with encapsulated valve operation and finally the 4 Cylinder Boxer Engine.

In the meantime I realized the reproduction of the first Benz engine from 1886, which can also be seen with some photos on this website.

Even then, the engines caused a great stir at exhibitions and trade fairs. So I decided to give all interested people the possibility to rebuild my engines for private purposes. From the beginning I attached great importance to a simple but mature construction of the engines.

Today hundreds of plans have found an interested buyer. From time to time I get photos of successful replicas sent to me.

Due to constant further development of the engines, mature products are now available to interested model builders.

Regarding my professional career, I have worked as a cutting machine operator for several years. Later I took over the position of a workshop manager in a mechanical engineering company. Afterwards my field of activity changed to the project management of a supplier company.

Most recently I worked as a developer in the field of flight technology.