Plan: 5 Cylinder Radial Engine


Construction plan of the 5 Cylinder Radial Engine by Martin Ohrndorf.

For the reproduction the construction plan of the 9 Cylinder Radial Engine is absolutely necessary!

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Order here the construction plans for your replica of the 5 Cylinder Radial Engine!

Please note: The plans for this engine are based on the construction plan of the 9 Cylinder Radial Engine. This is also mandatory for the reproduction.

This motor can be reproduced exactly with the help of the available construction plans. The plan for the 5-cylinder radial engine consists of 12 DIN A4 drawing sheets, additionally the bill of materials and construction information.

The sheets in DIN -A3 format contain representations of the individual parts, as well as views / sections of the complete motor. Furthermore, a multi-page construction description with parts lists of all parts is included. In addition, supplier addresses of e.g. ball bearings, gear wheels or valve springs are also listed.

It is very precise and shows all parts in a comprehensible form.

However, a lathe and milling machine is necessary for the manufacture.

Technical data of the engine

Drilling 24 mm
Stroke 22 mm
Capacity 50 ccm
Weight approx. 1900 g
Revolutions approx. 950 – 5500 1/Min.
Outer diameter approx. 225 mm
Width approx.
Height approx.
Length approx. 165 mm
Propeller size up to approx. 18×14 bis 22×12 inch

The engine is a multi-cylinder 4-stroke glow igniter, which was developed by myself. Except for the carburetors, no parts from other engines were used, each component is my own design.

The engine is air-cooled and operates with mixed lubrication (methanol and synthetic oil). It is designed as an aircraft engine, but is not based on any particular model.

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