Our pneumatic cylinders will be available with different piston diameters – from the mini cylinder with a piston diameter of approx. 8 mm and a power of 3 DaN at 6 bar up to a piston diameter of 25 mm and a power of 29 DaN at 6 bar. Moreover, the customer can choose between several attachment features for the pneumatic cylinders and in addition there is the possibility of ordering the cylinder with individual stroke lengths – precisely concerted to the customer’s request!

According the construction of the cylinders: The cylinder barrels consist of anodized aluminium tubes, the piston rods are manufactured of a rust-free stainless steel and glide in a red brass guide – this induces the prospect of a long durability.
Our pneumatic cylinders are applicable for the activation of retractable landing gears of flying models, opening and closing of landing gear caps, canopies and much more.

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