3-Zylinder 4- Takt W-Motor, 48 ccm

3 cylinder four stroke W-engine with 48 ccm capacity

This engine’s appearance is in the style of the famous ANZANI engine, which was installed in the plane Bleriot XI. This was the plane the Frenchman Louis Bleriot used in July 1909 to first cross the British Channel from Calais to Dover.

To ensure a safe operation of the model engine, the construction has slight differences to the original. Of course the engine is applicable in a reproduction of the Bleriot XI, but you can install it in many other old timer-models, too.

Extracts from the construction plan




Our pneumatic cylinders will be available with different piston diameters – from the mini cylinder with a piston diameter of approx. 8 mm and a power of 3 DaN at 6 bar up to a piston diameter of 25 mm and a power of 29 DaN at 6 bar. Moreover, the customer can choose between several attachment features for the pneumatic cylinders and in addition there is the possibility of ordering the cylinder with individual stroke lengths – precisely concerted to the customer’s request!

According the construction of the cylinders: The cylinder barrels consist of anodized aluminium tubes, the piston rods are manufactured of a rust-free stainless steel and glide in a red brass guide – this induces the prospect of a long durability.
Our pneumatic cylinders are applicable for the activation of retractable landing gears of flying models, opening and closing of landing gear caps, canopies and much more.


Gears for car- and boat-modeling with forward and reverse gear and integrated clutch.

12 cylinder V-engine mount available

From now on an engine mount is available for the 12 cylinder V-engine. The parts of the engine mount are made of high-grade aluminium and are CNC produced. The complete mount is made of three parts and weighs only 230 grams. It is also possible just to order the two side mounts. Those two only weighs 150 grams. Furthermore the engine mounts are also available in black or red color (enameled).