9 cylinder radial engine

This construction plan provides you with every information to construct the 9 cylinder radial engine by yourself. There are detailed construction plans with specifications and parts list available for this engine.

Technical data of the engine

Bore 23 mm
Stroke 24 mm
Capacity 90 ccm
Weight approx. 4000 g
Revolutions approx. 950 - 5000 1/Min.
Valve diameter 9,5 mm
Valve lap 28 degrees KW
Outer diameter approx. 250 mm
Width approx. -
Height approx. -
Length approx. 140 mm
Propeller size up to approx. 26x10 inch

Pictures and Video Clips of the 9-cyl-Radial Engine

Engine with blackened cylinders

View of the intake casing with carburetor and intake-manifolds

Video Clip of the engine

Depending on the speed of your internet connection it can take a few moments until the video is available.

Mounted engine

The construction plan

The construction plan consists of six format DIN A3 sheets with a presentation of the individual parts as well as two sheets in the same format with the views i.e. cross-section of the complete engines. In addition there is are several pages of specifications containing part lists of all parts. There are also suppliers addresses listed for e.g. ball bearings, cogwheels or valve springs.

The plan is very precise and shows all parts in a comprehensible form.

Many feedbacks including photos of engines constructed by customers confirm that they have been successfully reproduced.

However, a lathe and milling machine is necessary for the manufacture.

Extracts from the plans

Overall view and cross-section

Extract from drawings of individual parts

Overall view and cross-section

Copyright information

All construction plans are protected by copyright. Copyright © 2004 (2005) by MARTIN OHRNDORF. The plans may not be copied or multiplied, or made available to third parties. The plans may not be stored on data carriers, knowingly or unknowingly. Parts or complete engines constructed using the plans are solely for private use. They may not be sold or used for commercial purposes. Legal action will be taken against anyone who violates these terms.

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